Will a Gaining Dollar Hurt Emerging Markets?


With the backdrop of a still-struggling Eurozone economy, turmoil in Ukraine, and midterm elections on the horizon, Summer 2014 has seen the Dollar quietly appreciating against other world currencies. Conventional wisdom dictates that a strong Dollar creates a drag on exports, slows foreign investment, and exerts downward pressure on GDP. Conversely, a strong Dollar can […]

How Will the New Fed Chief Affect Your Portfolio?


Beginning November 2008, the Federal Reserve has poured billions into the US economy through the controversial, yet now ubiquitous, monetary policy known as “Quantitative Easing”. Nearly 5 full years later, the Fed continues to purchase $85 billion in bonds each month. Whether the practice has been effective in stimulating economic growth is still the source […]

What Entrepreneurs Should Know About Estate Planning


Under current law, the federal estate tax exemption will drop from $5,120,000 in 2012 to $1,000,000 in 2013 – a decrease of over 80%. If something happened to you, would your family be prepared? If you’ve built a business, would your heirs have to sell your company just to cover your estate tax bill? Luckily, […]

All In The Family: Keeping Your Business Family Owned


You’ve been uncommonly successful. In an environment where other businesses fell by the wayside, you dug in and held on. Achieving success hasn’t been easy, and you want to make sure your business assets pass safely to heirs when the time comes. Aside from the custom-tailored exit planning strategies offered by Core Financial, you need […]

Something We Can All Learn From When Facing A Business Crisis


When David Karp created Tumblr in 2007, he saw it as a fun side project to his tech consulting. But the blogging platform gained traction among creative, techie early-adopters, and he ultimately gave up consulting. Still, Karp never imagined that a few years later Tumblr’s growth trajectory would shoot up with the force and shape of a hockey stick.

Core Financial Partners Receives Recognition in Los Angeles Magazine 2011 FIVE STAR Wealth Managers Publication


Core Financial Partners is proud to announce that John Koudsi, FP, IV, TX was listed in Los Angeles Magazine’s 2011 FIVE STAR Wealth Managers. Mr. Koudsi is the Principal/Chief Strategist for Core, CFP.