What will your services cost me?

Since each business and personal planning situation is unique, our fees can vary widely. However, we pride ourselves on offering a very reasonable and affordable fee structure that is customized for each client.

We take the necessary time to understand your business and review your financials at no cost. We then present you with an engagement letter that will actually quantify how much we can save you. We will make certain that the value of working with us will substantially outweigh the cost. Our fees will cover not only tax savings strategies but also a comprehensive list of services designed to meet both your business and personal planning needs. If during the initial consultation, we don’t feel we can save you a relatively substantial amount of taxes and/or provide significant value in other areas, we will advise you accordingly. For a detailed list of the services we provide, click here.

Is my money safe?

Core Financial Partners chooses to custody our client’s assets at Charles Schwab Institutional and Fidelity Investments, which together serve more than 18,000 independent advisory firms. Schwab Institutional manages over $2.5 trillion in assets and carries SIPC (Securities Insurance Protection Corporation) for up to $500,000 per account. In addition, Fidelity manages upwards of $2.2 trillion in assets and also carries SIPC for up to $500,000 per account. To learn more about the insurance coverage click here.

Am I too small/big to benefit from your services?

We do not choose our clients solely based on size and/or profitability. We choose clients who we truly feel can benefit from our services and who share our core values. Our client roster varies widely and is comprised of businesses from a variety of industries. The businesses range in size, though the majority generate between 5 and 50 million dollars in revenue.

At Core Financial we focus on building relationships and helping small business owners grow and achieve their goals. If we feel you can benefit from our services, we are here to help.

Is this something my CPA can do for me?

We recognize that the work of a CPA is vital to the success of any business. However, what we do is completely different. We analyze clients’ businesses and create tax-reduction and planning strategies in order to generate more personal wealth. A big misconception is that many clients believe their CPA is completely responsible for reducing their overall tax liability. While it is true that there are accounting based strategies that CPA’s use to maximize allowable deductions, there are strategies that we employ that fall beyond the scope of accounting. The preparation of tax returns and financial statements looks at what a business has done in the past. At Core Financial, we look to the future and determine how a business owner can save more money, reduce taxes and plan their exit strategy. Our services go hand in hand with what a CPA does for a business and we welcome the opportunity to work with our clients’ CPAs and legal advisors.