Planning is imperative in understanding our clients’ goals and optimizing their resources. For business owners, we are acutely aware that your business is your path to reaching your personal goals. With that in mind, we will create sophisticated corporate tax mitigation strategies and identify additional revenue-generating opportunities via access to synergistic client relationships. We will effectively serve as your external CFO by leveraging our resources to negotiate cost-effective corporate financing, provide succession and exit planning strategies, and ultimately help create significant wealth for your family.

For individuals, we help to comprehensively plan all aspects of your financial life to ensure that you and your loved ones receive the maximum benefit from the wealth you have created.


We seek to fully understand how macro conditions may affect regional or local investment pursuits. We study both domestic and international conditions in an attempt to properly underwrite the risks associated with all of our recommendations.

We have the ability to create wealth-generating opportunities upon identifying inefficiencies in various market segments. Unlike many financial advisory firms, we don’t believe in Market Efficiency Theory. Our view is that both public and private markets can be grossly mispriced at any given time. We have the ability and runway to purchase assets when conditions prove most favorable. Our investment thesis requires patience and discipline.

We afford our clients the ability to invest in private placement opportunities that can not only outperform their public market counterparts, but also significantly mitigate market risk. These opportunities have traditionally only been available to institutional investors and ultra-high net worth individuals.


We seek to create excellent returns regardless of stock and bond market performance. Losing less than the market or slightly outperforming the market is of no interest to us. We do not benchmark against broad market indices. Instead, we seek to create absolute wealth in strong and weak market conditions alike.

Access to unique investment opportunities, resources, and robust infrastructure has perpetuated superior performance for the most respected university endowments. Likewise, our access to talent--which includes our esteemed client base, our balance sheet, expertise, and infrastructure-- affords us the ability to create wealth opportunities in a membership-type community we call the Core Private Group.

While SEC regulations restrict us from articulating our track record as it relates to performance at the financial advisory level, the performance of our affiliate company funds and third-party partners is available via numerous public sources.


In part due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the economic landscape is rapidly changing. We expect debt buybacks to lead the next economic cycle. Mandatory prepayment clauses, anti-cash hoarding provisions, and interest rate floors are being added to corporate loan agreements. These features will likely incentivize or force companies to focus on debtholder repayment rather than shareholder enhancement in the next economic cycle. Thus, strong cash flows, a distinguished track record, and a robust/liquid balance sheet will be required to secure financing of any significance. We have created investment vehicles via our sister companies and strong relationships with third-party partners to capitalize on the next economic cycle.

With traditional sources for capital becoming increasingly scarce, banks, hedge funds, and other lending facilities have become far less accessible for all types of borrowers. This phenomenon will only reduce the competition for strategic acquisitions, which ultimately increases our ability to invest at better price points.


Self storage owner, operator, and developer of storage facilities in highly desirable markets that provide an opportunity for recession resistant returns to its investors.

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Direct lending arm of Trojan Storage offering loans to small scale storage operators. Debt secured by the storage facility, thus, reducing risk in cases of default.

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Offers investors the opportunity to participate in high growth companies with limited relative risk. Actively participates in each portfolio company to manage downside risk.

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We provide access to exclusive investment opportunities through our sister companies, as well as offerings through our network of leading private investment firms, which are traditionally available only to institutional investors and ultra-high net worth individuals.

Due to our relatively conservative portfolio allocation and our absolute return mindset, we are uniquely positioned to take advantage of a severe recession and/or capitalize on a recovery. We feel the following vehicles/strategies can be key drivers in helping us take full advantage of the fear and unrest that has caused havoc on the economy.

Rescue Financing, Infrastructure, & Real Estate Debt

As market volatility has recently increased, traditional sources of capital via mutual funds, banks, and hedge funds have discontinued purchases and/or have been forced to sell due to redemption requests. This has allowed private funds to step in and purchase assets at attractive discounts. Deal flow is expanding as our partner firms continue to call capital for new opportunities.

Self-Storage Development & Acquisition

We are forging ahead with our private self-storage offerings via the Trojan Storage Fund of 2020, which will mostly consist of ground-up development projects. We have already seen the price to build decrease and construction financing become more scarce. We believe that the current economic crisis will only provide greater opportunity for us to develop and acquire properties. We continue to expect self-storage to be a nearly recession-proof investment, especially in developed markets.

Self-Storage Direct Lending

In an effort to capitalize on the current economic crisis, leverage our underwriting expertise in the storage industry, increase our deal flow, and provide a safe mechanism for our clients to generate an excellent intermediate return, we are launching our first Trojan Storage Direct Lending Fund. This fund will only lend on self-storage properties that Trojan Storage would want to purchase at a specified price point. Since we only target those facilities that would be an attractive self-storage investment, default risk is mitigated. This opportunity can serve as a replacement for a portion of a fixed-income portfolio while providing a better yield with the same or less risk as investment-grade bonds.

Venture Capital & Private Equity

While venture capital and private equity transactions have stalled during this economic crisis and liquidity has become scarce, we see a tremendous opportunity to invest in companies that are well positioned to succeed in a post COVID world. Unlike traditional VC firms, we only invest if we can add value through our existing infrastructure, relationships, and expertise. Our approach helps maintain a level of control, reduces investor risk, and increases the potential for substantial returns.

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